Who Am I Tag?

So, I’ve been on here for about a month, reading up a storm and cranking out book reviews. I though it would be fun to do a tag as a way to introduce myself a little less formally!

I spotted this tag on Puput’s blog, Sparkling Letters – and I thought it would be fun, especially since I’m not sure about some of the questions, so I’ll learn a little bit about myself along the way.

What is the meaning of my name?

Starting off on the super exciting side here. My name is Hope. It means Hope. Not much to expand on there, but a few times in my life I’ve been told it’s appropriate after I brought hope into someone’s life.

What is my zodiac sign?

I feel like I should put this first, as it might explain some of the answers going forward.

I’m a Gemini.

As you would expect, there are many instances of duality in my life. Sometimes it’s to the point where it’s confusing, because I can never make up my mind. One part of me wants to travel and be around people or outside and the other part of me is just fine being home all weekend with my cats and a book.

What is my Myer-Briggs personality type? [LINK]

Everytime I’ve taken this I’ve gotten something different. This time it was: ENFJ-T. This means I am:

77% Extraverted

52% Intuitive

54% Feeling

65% Judging

And the last letter says that my tendency is turbulent. This one apparently shows how confident you are in your abilities, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that one before, but cool concept.

What is my Hogwarts house? [LINK]

I have done the test on Pottermore a few times and I have always gotten Slytherin. I took it again today and got Ravenclaw for the first time. My personal belief has always been that “Knowledge is Power.” And that’s about as Slytherclaw as you can get.

Am I right or left brain dominant? [LINK]

This quiz says I am 72 % Right-brained!

What is my blood type?

I am not totally sure, but if I remember I’m B-.

What career am I meant to have? [LINK]

This quiz says Architect.. that’s interesting! Here’s what it claims about me that would make me a good architect : “You have an eye for detail and a skill for design. You have a hunger for accomplishing great things, and the proper combination between imagination and will power to make those great things come true. You were meant to create great buildings with the creative power of your mind.”

Some aspects of this are true, like my desire to accomplish great things and an eye for detail. But overall, I’m not so sure I’d be a very good architect.

Which divergent faction do I belong in? [LINK]

This quiz says I’m Dauntless. I haven’t read this series, and my interest is minimal – but always cool to find out! I have no idea what it means to be in a faction, but cool.

What does my birth order say about me? [LINK]

I’m the oldest of 3, my sister is 18 and my brother is 12. We are all pretty spread out, but I definitely fit the bill here.

Stereotype: Natural leader, ambitious, responsible.
Why it’s true: The eldest, for a while, has no competition for time (or books or baby banter) with Mom and Dad. “There’s a benefit to all of that undiluted attention. A 2007 study in Norway showed that firstborns had two to three more IQ points than the next child,” says Frank J. Sulloway, Ph.D., the author of Born to Rebel. Firstborns tend to be surrogate parents when other siblings arrive, hence their protective and responsible nature.

I hope this was a fun way for an readers to get to know me! I know I always have fun doing things like this, so I couldn’t skip the opportunity.




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