The Red Pyramid by: Rick Riordan

This is my first Young Adult read of the year, as well as my first Rick Riordan. I guess I was just a little too old to catch The Lightning Thief train. But I’ve always been intrigued by the premise of his writing, and since this one was about Egyptian gods I was eager to give it a shot.

Our protagonists are Carter and Sadie Kane, who are recounting the events as they happened to them. After their mother’s death, Sadie went to live with their grandparents while Carter has been drug all around the world alongside their father’s work as an Egyptologist. On one of the few days they all get to spend together, their dad drags them to yet another museum. While there, their father breaks the Rosetta Stone using magic, and also releasing some Egyptian gods in the process. From here, the kids are thrown into a whirlwind as they discover their own powers and have to prevent the god Set’s attempt to take over the world.

As the first Young Adult book since I’ve started this blog, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly all 500 pages zipped by. The words are bigger and less on each page, but Riordan managed to pack a ton of action in. At times it was very cheesy, and the sibling rivalry made me roll my eyes from ridiculousness. I think this was more about myself than the book, I’m just too old to fully appreciate it. But I loved getting swept up into this adventure story, something I haven’t done in a long time.

Ancient Egypt was always a fascinating topic for me, so that was a big draw into me reading this. It was fun to hear about gods I’ve heard of before, and learning more about them and their powers alongside the Kanes.

I liked how the story unraveled, and how it was resolved at the end. At the same time, it presented bigger problems which I am intrigued to get to the other 2 in the series. Now that the kids have a fuller understanding of their new-found talents and the mystical in which they are a part of, I think it will be really cool to dive deeper.

Maybe I just love cats, but I loved Bast’s character. I seem to really enjoy the personification’s I’ve read of felines since I have mine now. Bast was extra cool because she was protective of her person, and not afraid to be badass in her mission to see that through.

I will definitely be keeping this book, Logan is very excited to read it too. I can’t wait to gush about the series together, as we’ve done so many others. I am not sure if I’ll be inclined to reread this, as since the prose and everything else is so straightforward, I feel like I would only need to reread to refresh on the plot. This is definitely a fun read for anyone who enjoys mythology and some adventure. It’s probably more suited for younger readers, but if an older reader if looking for something light but also fun to enjoy quickly.


3 thoughts on “The Red Pyramid by: Rick Riordan

  1. My grandkids (ages 11,12 &13) are all big fans of Rick Riordan. I’m sure they’ve read this one….now that I’ve read this, I’ll be able to talk with them about it. Thanks!


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