Monthly Updates

May Day! (April wrap-up)

April was quite the roller coaster. We won a bid on a house, but the inspection ended up showing more issues than we wanted to deal with – so we terminated the contract. That means we are staying in our apartment for a while longer. Neither of us are very happy about this, but we know we will be able to save money here to maybe try again next year. That should have been the only big thing this month, but Easter festivities happened, my sister had knee surgery, I got in a car accident, and we went to a wedding. Despite all of this, I’ve managed to have a pretty successful reading month.

Books are definitely more a solace while dealing with all the random things in life. It’s been quite the comfort to me to pick up a book at the end of the day and escape and recharge. There has been a lot of waiting this month. So I’ve definitely been bringing my current book anywhere and getting through a few pages while I wait in line.

As I predicted, I decided to pass on Sense and Sensibility this month. I’ve just read a few too many books that take place in England. I needed a break from that – and Jane Austen. I’m sure I’ll eventually revisit this one, but with the weather changing I’m not as much in the mood for Austen works.

Also, I finished my Goodreads goal! I’m blown away by how much I’ve read this year. I had set it at 40 thinking it would be a bit of a challenge. I’d only read 21 books last year so I though it would be a nice challenge to double it. Well at this rate, it’s going to be my best reading year ever.

With that said, here are all 12 books I’ve read this month:

The Gates of the Alamo

The American Heiress

All Creatures Great and Small

Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald

Other Side

The Merchant of Venice

The Cement Garden

The Red Pyramid

Sisterhood Everlasting


The Goal Book

The Complete Persepolis

It was a great month! My 3 favorites were:

  1. Sisterhood Everlasting
  2. Serena
  3. The Merchant of Venice

My least favorite was probably The Cement Garden. Even though I devoured it, and the subject matter definitely left an impression on me – the reading experience wasn’t what I usually enjoy.

This month looks like a fun one for me, and I’m already half way through my first book. It’s a bit shorter list than the last few months, but I think that will give me a chance to check out newer books not on my preset list from the beginning of the year.

IMG_3125It’s Always the Husband by: Michele Campbell

All Things Bright & Beautiful by: James Herriot

Communication Revolution by: Robert W. McChesney

Anne of the Windy Poplars by: L.M. Montgomery

The Virgin Blue by: Tracy Chevalier

Much Ado About Nothing by: William Shakespeare

The Wanderers by: Meg Howrey


Wish me luck, and MAY your reading be wonderful!



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