The Goal Book by: Peter Jumrokovski

Who doesn’t need a little self-help sometimes? It’s nice to have someone say “I believe in you! You can do anything you want to.” For me, I especially appreciate this when it’s not necessarily someone who ‘has’ to say these things, and someone who has the expertise of making their own dreams come true.

That’s what I’ve gotten out of this book. Its a nice pithy little thing so I didn’t feel like it wasted my time telling me things I maybe already new. It’s only 160 pages, and I think that was just right. The book is all about realizing your goals, and making it simple to make them happen.

The book is separated into 5 sections. Each section is based on different types of goals in one’s life. They are: Health, Money, Personal, Relationship and Social. Each chapter has an explanation of these goals, some anecdotes from his life or others who have completed their goals in this area, and finally a few exercises. I didn’t do all the exercises at the time, because I wasn’t necessarily needing them all right now. But it was really cool that they were included, and I think it made this book different from other self-help books I’ve read. Sometimes those tend to hype you up and have you feeling inspired, but don’t give you a sense of direction, so you are right back where you started.

These exercises helped the reader dream big, but also realize what it will take to get there. Even though sometimes that realization is daunting, Jumrokovski does a good job of reminding the reader that it’s worth it to work hard and see your goals come to fruition.

I enjoyed reading this, and I definitely have a new approach to my big dreams. Rather than just thinking, “oh, someday”, I’ve found myself contemplating how I can make them happen and creating a real game plan. I can’t wait to see what kind of impact this will have on my life. I even tabbed the different sections, so if there is a particular area that I want to work on, I can refer back to the exercises!

Since I won this as part of Goodreads giveaway, and I also think it will prove inspirational in the future, I’m going to keep this one on my shelves. I think this a great option for anyone looking for some direction in their lives, and who wants a self-help book that actually provides solutions, rather than just hypotheticals.



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