Anne of Windy Poplars by: L.M. Montgomery

Because of this book, I think I now understand what people mean when they say, “cozy reads.” I LOVE Anne. To put it simply, her and I are kindred spirits. It’s been quite some time since I read Anne of the Island, but Anne has always been a character I hold close in my heart. It was so nice to revisit her.

This will probably be my shortest review so far, as it is the 4th in a series and admittedly, not much happens plot-wise. This covers the span of three years while Anne is the principal at the school in Summerside. The book follows her adventures in the town as she meets new people and faces obstacles. She never looses her rosy outlook on life. (This is certainly something I admire and want to implement more in my life) Anne never fails to shine a light in people’s lives and help them bloom as well.

The book is mostly told in letters that she writes to Gilbert, her fiancé, and I love the candor in which she shares her life with him while they are apart. As a lover of Gilbert Blythe, I would have loved to have read his responses back to her.

One of my favorite parts was how the situation with the Pringles ended up getting resolved. It was amusing that Anne was, once again, trying to take the high road and it was misinterpreted as a threat. Yet all the same, once the miscommunication was smoothed over, the Pringles finally appreciated all she did for the school and the community. They almost worship her after this.

I also loved when Rebecca Dew finally admitted her feelings for the cat, Dusty Miller. (What a name!) It took him not being around for her to admit that she loved doing all the extra things for him and wouldn’t want anyone else to do the pampering.

One part had me laughing out loud, and it was towards the end. Anne is invited to dinner over at the old, grand house of Minerva Tomgalllon. She is a woman who believes in a curse that’s hung over her family and loves to talk about the numerous untimely ends of her family members. Anne is outtalked by someone for the first time in her life. While she is there a storm blows in and she ends up staying the night. I laughed out loud when Minerva handed Anne a nightgown while saying that a family member died in it. Who does that?!

Overall, this isn’t my favorite Anne book. Not much happens, and we miss some of our favorite Avonlea characters. However, Anne is a dear friend of mine and I cherish any time I can spend with her.



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