The Cuckoo’s Calling by: Robert Galbraith

This is one book that I was very excited to find for cheap at a book sale! When one of your favorite authors writes under a pseudonym – you have to give them a shot! I was fully aware that this was going to be a far cry from J.K. Rowling’s other works, but I was excited to see how she wrote a mystery, as I enjoy reading them.

The Cuckoo’s Calling did not disappoint. We follow lead character and private investigator, Cormoran Strike, as he investigates the suspicious suicide of a famous model. He is a war veteran with a disability, but he is also described as a large guy. He is tough and strong, and a little bit intimidating. To me, he seemed like the quintessential tough guy who isn’t afraid to ruffle some feathers to get shit done. Not to mention people will tell him more than usual because they are almost afraid of him.

Our other main character is Robin, a temporary worker who stumbles upon a position at his job. Although distant at first, Strike and Robin have good chemistry and play well off of each other in all kinds of crazy situations. Robin doesn’t do much at first except give Strike a bit of stability at the office, but she loves the sense of mystery and cunning, and eventually starts contributing to the investigation.

I enjoyed these characters a lot, and the minor characters were very enjoyable as well. As the investigation progresses, you meet more people who were part of Lula Landry’s life and her world. They are each unique and you have reasons to suspect them all a little bit. I listened to big chunks of this book on audiobook, and the narrator did a fantastic job! I’m only just dabbling into audiobooks, but Robert Glenister blew me away. His voices for each of the characters were distinct and made sense, but they weren’t cheesy either. That really helped with my enjoyment of this book.

I don’t want to say too much about the plot, as it will ruin all the fun of a mystery. However, I enjoyed this and that it was  little slower, giving me the opportunity to get to know the characters and their motivations better. The reveal is very satisfying, and I was definitely surprised. If you don’t mind a bit of a slower paced mystery, (or even if you are new to them) this a good one!

I will be keeping this one, as I have the second in the series. It will be better to make a decision on whether I keep it or not after I dive further into the series. Until then, I am looking forward to reading more about Strike and Robin and seeing what trouble they get into next time!


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